Gith Stats
+1 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom: Gith are quite agile and are good at spotting things.
Speed: Gith have a base speed of 30 feet.
Low Light Vision: If there is no light within 30 feet of a gith, they treat shadows in that radius as normal light, and they treat darkness in that radius as shadows.
Gith Weapon Training: Gith are proficient in improvised weapons, dealing either 1d4 with one
handed weapons or 1d6 for two handed weapons and retain their attack bonus.
Gith Toughness: Somewhat more hardy then elves, Gith increase all their Hit Dice by one step. At
first level they get 1 extra hit point.
Born Foragers: Gith have advantage on all spot and search checks.
Languages: Gith begin play speaking Heshrak and either Allundean, Sirihish or Bendune.

Gith Physical Appearance
Gith are a race of hunched-over humanoids which are apparently descended from elves. Any such
evolutionary branching assuredly occurred sometime in the very distant past, for there are few
similarities between them save their long-limbed frame and great height. Gith skin is yellow to dark
brown, rough and perhaps a little scaly as though some reptilian anscestry may exist. Average height
is approximately 84 inches, with weight similar to that of elves. Eye colour is typically black and dark brown.

Gith in Allanak
Relegated to the wastelands, gith are not tolerated within the city-states. As such all gith within
Allanak were either captured in a raid or born into slavery. They live short lives in either the obsidian mines or in the arena as gladiators. Gith in this campaign must have lived in Allanak all their lives.

Gith Culture
Gith society is highly tribal, much like nomadic elves. However, gith tribal culture is extremely
ritualistic and sometimes cruel. Symbolism, tradition, and attention to correct processes marks gith
society apart from others (with the possible exception of thri-kreen culture, from whom the gith may
have learned). Tests of merit by combat are common among gith, but other measures such as ritual
performance are also frequently used to settle disputes. For example, as there is no gain from
fighting an obviously weaker tribesman, the stronger gith may just as easily demand a contest of
storytelling or a fire-ritual
judged by peers.

The average life expectancy
of a gith is 45 years. They’re
considered adults at 13.


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