Half-Elf Stats
+1 to two ability scores: The half-elf’s human half makes them quite versatile.
Low-Light Vision: If there is no light within 30 feet of the half-elf, they treat shadows in that radius as normal light, and they treat darkness in that radius as shadows.
Speed: 30 feet.
Keen Senses: Half-Elves have advantage on all checks to listen and spot.
Reckless Abandonment: Eager to please anyone, half-elves often take foolish risks, but somehow
manage to survive them. When they roll a natural 1 on an attack, ability check or saving throw, they
can reroll but must take the new result.
Stubborn: Half-elves are immune to effects that would make them frightened as they doggedly go
about their current course of action with no regard for their safety.
Languages: Half-Elves begin play speaking Allundean and Sirihish.

Half-Elves’ Physical Appearance
Born of mixed elvish and human parentage, half-elves share many of the traits of both races. Tall,
between 70 and 82 inches in height, and possessed of deeply etched features, half-elves resemble
their elven parents. On the other hand, half-elves are bulkier and somewhat more durable than
elves, and so resemble their human parents. Regardless of these attributes, however, half-elves can
virtually always pass for either humans or elves, and share the skin tones and hair-and-eye colours of
both parents.

Half-Elven Culture
Born from either a disgusting and unnatural union between an elf and a human, or as a result of an
assault, half-elves are reviled by all, considered untrustworthy thieves by humans and weak and
tribeless by elves. As a result all half-elves have a strong need for acceptance as they seek to find
somewhere in the world where they belong. Half-elves will often do anything to gain attention such as buying drinks, lying or taking great risks to draw attention to themselves. They’ll take whatever traits belong to the culture they’re seeking to gain acceptance in and go out of their way to prove they can hate elves or steal from others just as well as anyone else. These attempts are quite transparent and so rarely work in actually gaining acceptance for the half-elf. If anyone should actually show some degree of kindness or acceptance to an elf, they’ll immediately become distrustful expecting that they’re the butt of a joke or that the person is trying to swindle them somehow. They’ll scorn the person and immediately turn on them, thinking the person views them as weak and pitiful. They’ll go out of their way to then prove they don’t need anyone else and that they can survive just fine on their own.

Half-Elves in Allanak
If a half-elf’s mother is human, it’s likely that their mother is a native to Allanak. Half-elves whose
mother are an elf could either be born to a city elf or a desert elf who abandoned their child in the
streets of Allanak at an early age.

The average life expectancy of a half-elf is 78 years. They’re considered adults at 20.


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