Half-Giant Stats
+1 Strength, +1 Constitution: Half-Giants are large and powerful.
Speed: Half-Giants have a 30 foot base speed.
Slow Witted: Often too stupid to understand when to be afraid, half-giants are immune to effects that would make them frightened.
Keen Senses: Keenly aware of those around them, half-giants are trained in the Spot and Listen skills.
Armour Mastery: While wearing medium or heavy armour they gain a +1 bonus to AC.
Languages: Half-Giants begin play speaking Sirihish.

Half-Giant’s Physical Appearance
Half-giants appear much like a human, but with highly exaggerated features, and with skin tones which sometimes go into the reds. Half-giants stand between 120 and 150 inches tall. Due to their large size, half-giants must drink twice as much as other races and eat four times as much.

Half-Giant Culture
Half-giants have no culture to speak of. Suffering from great difficulty in formulating original ideas, half-giants very willingly adopt the customs of those nearby. They will do their best to emulate a particular person in the best way they know how. However if the half-giant leaves that person’s presence for long, they start emulating someone else. Given this, half-giants are able to switch their loyalties very quickly, and some races (such as elves) find this to be intolerable.

Half-Giants in Allanak
Technically half-giants aren’t normally slaves under the law. A half-giant that’s killed someone
powerful might be sent to the obsidian mines to mollify the family. But most people don’t see the
point in owning a half-giant. They’re quite loyal and easily fooled. Most Half-Giants work for either
one of the Great Merchant Houses, the Allanak militia or a noble family as soldiers and guards.

The average life expectancy of a half-giant is 82 years. They’re considered adults at 21.


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