Halfling Stats
+1 Dexterity, +1 Consitution: Halflings are quite nimble and hardy.
Speed: Halflings have a base speed of 25 feet.
Eat Anything: A Halfling can eat the leftovers of a creature after it’s been skinned and get enough meat for 1 day and two quarts worth of water. A Halfling can also eat uncooked meat without ill effect.
Halfling Nimbleness: You can move through the space of hostile creatures that are larger than you.
Naturally Stealthy: Halflings can hide behind creatures that are larger than them.
Reckless Abandonment: Halflings have little disregard for themselves and so often succeed where others would fail. When they roll a natural 1 on an attack, ability check or saving throw, they can reroll but must take the new result.
Languages: Halflings begin play speaking Kentu and one other bonus language.

Halfling’s Physical Appearance
Halflings can often be mistaken as children of other races at first glance. Standing between 36 and
44 inches in height, halflings are indeed the smallest of the humanoids. Skin and eye colour among
halflings tends to vary between a pale cream and a muddy brown, although other colourations are
not uncommon: pale blue, greenish, or coppery skin can all be found. Halflings are virtually hairless
except for the typical unruly mane of hair which tops their heads.

Halfling Culture
Native to the Crescent Forest, halfling culture is extremely different than the societies of elves,
dwarves, and men. Among the attributes stressed in halfling society are tolerance, learning and an
oneness with nature. Aggressiveness, a desire to steal, or a will to deceive would be foreign qualities to a typical halfling. While seemingly an eminently desirable race to befriend, there are several aspects of halfling life which set them forever apart from other races. Foremost, halflings are extremely carnivorous and will readily consume nearly any freshly killed creature—a practice which tends to turn the stomach of others. However if that wasn’t enough, halflings don’t differentiate between intelligent and unintelligent animals and see them all as sources of food.
By the standards of other races, halflings are a backward and savage people (not to mention
dangerous). Not only do they lack anything but the most basic ability to create equipment, they have
no understanding of the concept of trade.

Halflings in Allanak
Halflings are killed on sight when within the human controlled city-states. As such all halflings in
Allanak are kept as slaves. They are trained to fight in the city’s arena as gladiators where they lead short, but brutal lives.

The average life expectancy of a halfling that doesn’t fight in the arena is 120 years. They’re
considered adults at 31.


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