Human Stats
+1 to all ability scores: Humans are much less specialised than other races.
Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.
Languages: Humans begin play speaking Sirihish.

Human Physical Appearance
Most humans stand between 68 and 78 inches in height and vary tremendously in skin and eye
colour (hair colour tends to range between light blond to black, but peculiar variations on even this
feature are entirely possible). Eons of life on Athas has warped the human appearance enough so
that physical anomalies are somewhat commonplace: webbed fingers or toes, hairlessness, pointed
ears, long or short limbs, or skin tones in the faint blues or greys are all possible mutations upon the human form. It is said in Allanak that such people are descendants of the mutants who followed the
Sun King over the northern mountains. Somehow though, that doesn’t seem to grant them respect or acceptance within society.

Humans in Allanak
Humans are the most predominant race in Allanak. They are either natives to the city-state or
they’re travellers from the wastelands. They could either be people born in another city-state or a
member of a tribe that lives within the harsh conditions of the desert itself. In this campaign PC
humans must either have lived in Allanak all their life or be from one of the local tribes.
Those native to Allanak could either be a slave, a commoner, a gemmed magicker, a member of a
Great Merchant House, a noble or a Templar.

The average life expectancy of a human is 68 years. They’re considered an adult at 18.


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